For B2B professional service companies:

Bringing a barrage of call-ready-leads to your business

To the point where it becomes improbable that you don't sign more clients - without relying on ads, agencies, or referrals


Who are we?

We are a B2B client acquisition firm that helps other companies bring in new business by utilizing outbound strategies to hand deliver a barrage of booked calls with leads month after month.

Case Study:How we fixed our client's outbound system and booked him 10 sales calls in the first week

What's Slowing Your Growth?

When it comes to client acquisition, these are a few problems many B2B businesses have in common:

Inconsistent Leads

There isn't a replicable formula in place to generate a steady stream of high quality leads

Generic Messaging

Outreach attempts don't resonate with the target audience and are largely left unread or ignored

Non-Dedicated Resources

No one on the team is focusing on outbound and opportunities slip through the cracks as a result

Why Choose Us?

How Are We Different?

In-house System

We install a Outbound Acquisition System inside your business, custom built for your customer profile and owned 100% by you.

Asset-based Selling

We lead with value in our messaging and make it easy for prospects to reciprocate, warming them up before meeting with you.

Performance Pricing

We only get paid for the call-ready-leads that we generate for you on a month-to-month basis. No flat rates or retainers necessary.

How does it work? (Process Breakdown)

Discovery and Onboarding

First, we'll have a discussion about your goals and current processes to see if we'd be a fit to work together. If yes, we'll send a proposal.Upon signing, you'll fill out a form so we can understand more about your business and your target audience(s). Using that information, we'll build out your system and prepare an initial campaign strategy.

Launch and Delivery

Using the information from the form, we'll build out your system and prepare an initial campaign strategy.Once all assets are built and approved by you, we'll launch the campaign, manage interested replies, and start booking you calls with qualified prospects.

Optimization and Reporting

Using data-driven analysis, we'll test different angles in the messaging and double down on what works best for booking calls.We'll also give you weekly feedback on what's going on in your inboxes and recommend adjustments to continually improve campaign performance.

Curious to know how this might integrate with your business?

What's Included?

Working with us you will get:

- Cold email infrastructure that allows for sending thousands of emails per day without landing in spam, built and operated in-house- Highly targeted lead list of decision makers in your target market (ICP)- Personalized and persuasive campaign messaging to spark interest from prospects

- Designated account manager to work leads towards booking a call- System maintenence, campaign optimization, and weekly reporting- 1-On-1 onboarding and support- Pay per call-ready-lead only

Please schedule a call below for a free outbound audit and to get a tailored proposal for our services.


Are the leads qualified?
Calls-ready-leads aren't your typical lead. They are prospects that have shown a genuine interest in your product or service and are ready to discuss further. We engage a lead list approved by you with tailored messaging, then handle responses until they're ready to hop on a call with you.
What is your pricing?
Pricing is tailored to the scope of work. To discuss details, please book a call.
We charge a one-time initial fee to cover system setup costs. Afterwards, our arrangement operates on a performance basis, typically on a pay per call-ready-lead model. Different models such as revenue sharing or fixed retainers are also on the table for discussion.What is your guarantee?
We guarantee to outperform the results of your existing outbound efforts in both call bookings and monthly client conversions. If we don't surpass your current performance, we will continue to work at no additional cost until we do.
What is needed from my end?
Aside from filling out the initial onboarding form, we only require consistent communication in our shared Slack channel and feedback from the leads we give you to improve campaign performance.
Am I qualified to work with Lead Barrage?
To be eligible for our services, your business should be B2B-oriented with a proven product-market fit. This opportunity is tailored for established companies seeking to enhance and sustain growth, not for those just starting out.

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